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Outdoor Camping/Hiking/ Picnic BBQ Tableware Equipment

Outdoor Camping/Hiking/ Picnic BBQ Tableware Equipment

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This set is a must-have set for your camping/hiking/backpacking adventures! You can literally cook anything you want! 


Product Overview:

1. [High strength]: Made by an anodic oxidation process, the aluminum metal has a stable protective layer on the surface, easy to clean.

2. [Easy to carry & space-saving]: Foldable handles on pot or stove can be folded to save space. Small size and portable, all the objects in this cooking set can be stored together in a mesh bag for convenient carry.

3. [Food-grade material]: Give You Healthy Life. The camping cookware mess kit is made of safe, non-toxic aluminum with a non-stick coating for easy cleaning. Hard-anodized aluminum provides fast heating, is high-temperature resistance, corrosion-resistant, built to last. Heat-resistant handles to keep your fingers safe from the heat. Secure and anti-scald.Perfect for camping, hiking, backpacking, picnic, etc.

4. [Suitable for 2-3 people use]: Designed specially for camping and hiking cooking. Small but practical!

5. [Hard anodized aluminum]: pot and frying pan make it non-stick, easy to clean.

Product information:

Product material: hard alumina

Product size: 
Cooking pot: 1 piece, outer diameter 17.5CM/height 9CM
Frying pan: 1, diameter 18CM / height 4.5CM handle 10cm
Teapot: 1, 0.8L, diameter 138CM/ height 8CM
Spoon specification: 160*40mm
Table knife specifications: 165*12mm
Fork specifications: 160*12mm
Fork spoon specification: 160*40mm
Silicone cup specifications: height 85mm, diameter 70mm, about 200ml
Small bowl: 3
Spoon: 1
Wooden shovel: 1
Loofah slices: 1
Cutting board: pp material diameter 180mm

Teapot set*1


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