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Personalised Couple Photo Frame & 3D Sticker Wall Decoration|Bedroom|Living Room

Personalised Couple Photo Frame & 3D Sticker Wall Decoration|Bedroom|Living Room

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Introducing Cherished Moments: Personalised Couple Photo Frames and 3D Stickers for Your Home|bedroom|living room 

🌟 Preserve Your Love Story: Personalised Couple Photo Frames

Celebrate your journey together with our exquisitely crafted personalised couple photo frames. Imprint your favorite moments on high-quality frames that beautifully blend with our 3D stickers. Choose from a range of elegant designs and customize with your initial. Cherish the moments that define your love story with every glance.

3D sticker feature:

Material: Acrylic

Our 3D wallpaper decorations can be applied to any smooth, flat, dry and dust-free surface.

How to use:

Step 1: Thoroughly clean the surface to be pasted.

Step 2: Removing the stickers for glue from the back, pick up each piece and start placing it on the wall.

Step 3: After pasting the stickers at the desired position, wipe gently with a mirror cloth to eliminate air bubbles.

Step 4: Remove the film from the surface.

Disassemble safely. As it can easily fall off without damaging the wall.


1. The material of our wall stickers is acrylic. Products of this material are easy to break. Please stick to the position before sticking the wall sticker, and try not to reuse it. Otherwise, cracks are likely to occur.

2. If the wall stickers are not tight enough, you can use electric wind to blow against the gap of the glue for a while, and then lightly adhere it, it will become stronger.

3. If you stick them on uneven or wet, dusty walls, they may come off in a few days.Acrylic mirror wall stickers work better on flat and smooth walls.

Couple photo frame 

This set includes 2 photo frames (after purchasing, you can send your photos attached with your order number to our email: 

Please specific your personalised initials as well!

For example:

Mr G and Mrs G’s 

The frame colour is gold 🌟

The frame sizes are below:

The big frame height is 350.23mm 

The small frame height is 300.14mm 

This whole set requires the space of at least 1.7m length and 1.5m height.

Let personalise your space with our couple photo frames & 3D set here! 🥹🫶🏻





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